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Services | Color Coat Plating


If your interested in any of our plating services click the link for that particular service for more information.

At Color Coat we offer the following services:


Anodize: This process causes aluminum to become extremely corrosion resistant, while also improving appearance with optional color effects.

Black Oxide:  A conversion coating for ferrous metals.

Chrome: A decorative or protective finish on fittings and other objects.

Copper: A layer of copper is deposited, either selectively or completely, by electric current.

Nickel: Using this process the part to be finished takes on better wear and appearance properties.

Powder Coat: A thicker coating that gives the customer a myriad of choices for finish, while substantially improving corrosion resistance.

Sandblast: A method that removes scale, heat treat effects, and usually prepares the metal for a secondary process. Such as paint, or plating.

Vibratory Tumbling: This process removes burrs, while also improving uniformity and appearance.  

Zinc: This electroplating process improves corrosion resistance, while also giving the part a better appearance.